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L.A. Foodie’s events bridge the gap between the Internet and real life. We connect our passionate and engaged fan base with L.A.’s best craft and artisan foods, interesting restaurants, and unique pubs. To learn more about L.A. Foodie’s event sponsorship opportunities, please click on the event specific links in the section below. 

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L.A. Foodie Presents: Treatoberfest 2!

Saturday, October 25th, 2014
5:00PM - 8:00PM
Angel City Brewery’s NEW private Beer Shed in downtown Los Angeles

Grab your boo for an evening of costumed trick-or-treating among L.A.’s spookiest sweets and treats vendors!

Balance out your sugar high with Angel City Brewery’s delicious craft beers (including exclusive releases just for Treatoberfest2 attendees!), L.A. Foodie’s photoBOOth, and savory selections from two of L.A.’s tasty local food trucks.

The official #Treatoberfest2 event page is here.
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Previous Events…

Beer Floats & BBQ
Thursday, July 10th, 2014
7:00PM - 9:00PM
Ice Cream Lab in Beverly Hills

Tickets are free! To be eligible, you must enter the Google City Experts contest. 15 lucky winners will each win a pair of tickets to the event. Entering the contest is super easy — it only takes one click. Enter now for your chance to attend this awesomely scrumptious private event!

L.A. Foodie and Google are joining forces for our next event! Join Ben & Drew, the Food Dudes from L.A. Foodie, at a private tasting event! Enjoy “Beer Floats and BBQ” at Ice Cream Lab in Beverly Hills from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM on Thursday July 10th. Watch the smoke billow as liquid nitrogen and the freshest ingredients possible collide to churn the most unique ice cream in L.A. Wash down your ice cream with robust craft beer selections from King Harbor Brewing Company. Are you daring enough to mix your ice cream together with your beer! BEER FLOATS! And what goes better with beer and ice cream than BBQ? Local BBQ legends Baby Blues BBQ will be on hand dishing out slow smoked meats, sandwiches, and sides. That’s right, one of the very best BBQ restaurant in L.A. is firing up the smoker just for you! While you enjoy your food and beer floats, the co-hosts of the L.A. Foodie Podcast, Ben & Drew, will be recording a brand new show live at the event. Start working on your appetite now. See you there!

L.A. Foodie’s Float Trip

Saturday, April 19th, 2014
4:00PM - 7:00PM
Angel City Brewery in DTLA 

Click here to see the sponsorship opportunities that we offered for L.A. Foodie’s Float Trip.

L.A. Foodie and Angel City Brewery are inviting beer and ice cream lovers alike to join us for an afternoon of locally-brewed beer floats! Tickets to L.A. Foodie’s Float Trip are only $9. Here’s is what we offered…

BEER FLOATS: Choose your ingredients from 3 intoxicatingly tasty Angel City brews & unlimited ice cream samples from 3 of L.A. Foodie’s favorite craft ice cream makers, (1) Peddler’s Creamery, (2) Ice Cream Lab, & (3) Ramekin. Every guest will also 

SWEET TREATS FROM MWOKAJI: Mwokaji Cakery will be providing unlimited samples of baked goods and sweet dessert treats made special for guests of L.A. Foodie’s Float Trip. Mmmmm.

FOOD TRUCKS: Hungry for something savory? Two of of L.A. Foodie’s favorite food trucks (TBA) will be parked right outside, ready to fulfill your cravings.

PERKS: Every guest gets a special L.A. Foodie-approved beer float mixing kit (cups, spoons, straws, trays), exclusive access to Angel City’s newly opened special events loft, and A $20 gift card to Uber ride service (valid for new Uber users).

The official #BeerFloatTrip ticketing page is here
The Yelp event page is here
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The Flickr photo set is here

L.A. Foodie Presents: Treatoberfest!
Saturday, October 12th, 2013

A delicious night of awesome beer and delicious sweets at our Treatoberfest trick-or-treat party at Angel City Brewery in downtown L.A.!

Angel City Brewery provided sample pours of three varieties of craft beer, including an exclusive sneak peak of one you definitely haven’t tried yet. Also lots of local sweets vendors ready to satiate your sweet tooth with unlimited samples!

The official #Treatoberfest event page is here
The Yelp event page is here.
The Facebook event page is here

L.A. Foodie’s #BiteFlite 2
Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Another night of desserts, craft beer, and burgers in Culver City.


Every guest at #BiteFlite received the following instructions:

  1. Grab your beers (all 4 included in price)
  2. Choose a Vagabond Grillyard slider (4 choices, 1 included in price)
  3. Pig out on Mwokaji Cakery desserts (help yourself, included in price)
  4. Enjoy your beers, sliders, and desserts in the company of your friends
  5. What’s this? Art on the walls? Appreciate it.
  6. Go get more beer!
  7. Catch a ride home with Lyft. We’ll give you $10.

L.A. Foodie joined forces with Bar & Garden (the awesomest tasting room in Culver City) for a night of unique craft beers, amazingly decadent desserts from Mwokaji Cakery, brain bending art from The Lethargic Artist, and savory sliders fromVagabond Grillyard! L.A. Foodie provided a little info sheet with details about our suggestions for pairing your beers with dinner and dessert. 4 beers were included, so were 4 slider choices (1 slider included), and plenty of desserts!

L.A. Foodie’s #GetPorked
Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

A night of juicy and tender BBQ pork paired with frosty craft beer!

L.A. Foodie's Get Porked

BBQ fans, this one is for you. Get ready to #GetPorked! For one night only, L.A. Foodie is pairing 4 mouth watering styles of BBQ pork with 4 frosty and delicious beers from our favorite spot in downtown Long Beach, Beachwood BBQ and Brewing. #GetPorked will both satiate and educate. During dinner, L.A. Foodie’s Ben & Drew will record a live #LAFoodiePodcast about American BBQ styles and the beers that pair best with them. Peek behind the #LAFoodiePodcast curtain while Ben & Drew crack wise and engage in general jackassery with their special #GetPorked guests.

Every guest will receive (1) Hickory smoked pork served with mustard sauce, Chowchow, and Texas toast. (2) Oak smoked pork with spicy Jack Daniel’s tomato sauce, tobacco onions, and grit cakes. (3) Apple wood smoked pork. Dry rubbed with Beachwood rub, served with vinegar BBQ sauce and vinegar cole slaw on a pretzel bun. (4) Pecan smoked pork with stone fruit BBQ sauce, served with a sweet potato pancake.

Every guest will cool off with 4 Beachwood Brewing beers (5 ounces each for a total of 20 ounces), carefully selected and uniquely paired with each style of pork.

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L.A. Foodie’s Bite Flite
Saturday, April 27th, 2013 

L.A. Foodie's BITE FLITE

On Saturday, April 27th from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, join the L.A. Foodie gang at Bar & Garden in Culver City. A tasty flight of 4 uncommon and lip smacking beers (Allagash Tripel Ale, Brouwerij West Mør Mør, Uinta Hop Notch IPA, and Boulevard Brewing Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale) will be paired with 4 sliders from Vagabond Grillyard, who will be on-site slinging bit sized burgers, grilled cheese, and pulled pork sandwiches. L.A. Foodie’s included #BiteFlite pairing guide will include handy information about each beer and each slider. Prepare to cry tears of joy when you’re ready for dessert from Velvet Rope Bake Shop. An assortment of of cake truffles and salted cookies wil be available. The Lethargic Artist (AKA Patrick McGilligan) will be showing paintings and drawings from his unique collection of curiously beautiful robots, hookers, monsters, and creeps.

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L.A. Foodie & SupperKing Present: The Drunken Dessert Cart
Sunday March 24th, 2013

Drunken Dessert Cart

L.A. Foodie & SupperKing invite you, the sweet tooths and caffeine junkies of L.A., to run wild at Chloe’s, the secret space inside of L.A.’s own Golden Road Brewing. Munch on sweet samples from some of L.A. Foodie’s favorite artisan candy, pastry, and ice cream makers. Wash all that sugar down with some caffeinated concoctions from some of the city’s finest coffee purveyors. And don’t forget the beer. Never, ever forget the beer (moment of silence). Chloe’s will be pouring some of Golden Road Brewing’s best craft beers, available for purchase. Free coffee and sweets by Ococoa Chocolates, Heart of Tartlets, Halo Top Creamery, Ivan’s Cooking, Crème Caramel LA, Toot Sweet Artisan Caramels, Karolynh’s, Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffe, LA Coffee Club, ButterSweet Minis, and Sweet Spils.

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L.A. Foodie Presents: Sugar & Suds
January 28th, 2013

Sugar & Suds

Tipple some tasty brews at Chloe’s, the secret space inside of L.A.’s own Golden Road Brewing, while munching on sweet, sweet free samples from some of L.A. Foodie’s favorite local bakers including Lollibakes, ButterSweet Minis, Karolynh’s Cupcakes, and I Heart Pies.

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