If you’re new to the #LAFoodiePodcast and are looking for a place to start, the following list includes Ben & Drew’s all-time favorite episodes.

  • #LAFoodiePodast 023: Expo Line #TrainCrawl tour. Ben & Drew ride the brand new Expo Line train right after its opening. Recorded entirely on location. Trader Vic’s, The Lab Gastropub, Mel’s Fish Shack.

  • #LAFoodiePodcast 027.1: Oktoberfest Minisode. Join Ben and Drew in a special minisode straight from Oktoberfest! Alpine Village’s annual tradition of beer, food, beer, dancing, and beer comes alive in your earholes.

  • #LAFoodiePodcast 042: Join Ben & Drew in this very special audio play as they are forced to go on a quest to discover the soul of Los Angeles at Christmas time. Featuring the ghosts of Wolfgang Puck (Adam Campbell-Schmitt), Evan Kleiman (Heather Thomson), and Huell Howser (Patrick Mcgilligan). Is there seriously a musical number in this thing?? (Yes there is.)

  • LAFoodie Podcast 044: L.A. Foodie produced a series of 4 promotional spots for KCRW’s winter fund drive. Featuring Evan Kleiman (Good Food), Frances Anderton (DnA, Design & Architecture), Michael Silverblatt (Bookworm), and Elvis Mitchell (The Treatment).

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