Drew Hubbard


Drew founded LA Foodie in 2008 with the intention of blogging and reviewing the dives and shacks that make-up his favorite spots in Los Angeles. Hell, he was going to those places anyway.

Drew writes many of the reviews and posts on the blog, provides many of LA Foodie’s tweets, and joins Ben Waters on the LA Foodie podcast.

Ben Waters


Ben joined LA Foodie in 2011. Like Drew, Ben was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, which means that he can survive on barbecue sauce alone for up to three weeks.

Ben enjoys taking pics of his food and posting them on Instagram, reviewing new restaurants, and sunsets (alcoholic or otherwise). He also produces & co-hosts the LA Foodie podcast as well as the occasional YouTube video.

Lisa Waters


Lisa is LA Foodie’s resident photographer. Many of the lovely photographs that you see here on the blog and on LA Foodie’s Facebook page are courtesy of her expert eye.

Brian Waters


Think about the day that you ate the most you’ve ever eaten in your life. Now multiply it by 3. That’s how much Brian eats every day. Thank you triathlons – it’s because of them that he’s an eating machine. He LOVES food. And beer. And wine. And sake. Mmmmm sake…Brian does a bit of a lot of different things for LA Foodie – he’s a contributing writer, a video editor, takes the odd photo, and appears on the podcast in Brian Brings BoozeFollow Brian on Twitter.

Agata Smieciuszewski


Agata is a new L.A. resident who is all about exploring the food, drinks, and comedy Los Angeles has to offer. Specifically, she loves sushi, Korean food, burgers, fancy vodka cocktails, and the UCB theater. She is the current L.A. Foodie podcast producer and helps with our awesome L.A. Foodie events. You can follow her life on instagram at @echo_mint.

Nick Guillory


Nick, like Drew and Ben, has a Missouri connection — he graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Nick’s all-time favorite foods are anything Cajun, mac and cheese, Asian, short ribs… and put any sort of burger in front of him, and he’ll make it disappear. When Nick isn’t eating, he enjoys reading, working out, hiking, taking a a trip to the beach, traveling, and hanging out with friends and family.

Greg Kindra


Greg is a contributing writer with a specialty in all things dessert. He moved from Chicago in 2008, and has a constant drive (most call this a sweet tooth) to explore LA’s robust dessert community. In addition to dessert, Greg is a lover of all food in Los Angeles, but still goes back to Chicago once a year for a ‘real’ piece of pizza.

Jasmine Terzian


Jasmine is a contributing writer and media relations associate. She is a Los Angeles native and former employee of The Counter, Studio City. That’s where her burger craze began. Since she is of Armenian descent, she associates food with family. She thinks of food as something two people can bond over when they have nothing else in common. In between restaurant-hopping and working towards a Journalism & Public Relations degree at Cal State Northridge, Jasmine likes to snowboard, dye her hair, play sudoku and waste away on Instagram. (And a shameless Follow her on Twitter link couldn’t hurt? @JournalistJas)

Dorian Innes

Dorian Innes

Dorian is a contributing writer. He is a Los Angeles native and the author of a children’s book series about food (called Carl’s Odyssey) who will die a happy man if he never eats “white people food” ever again.

Dasha Dorlandt


Dasha is a contributing writer. She has been a food adventurer for as long as she can rememeber, and she is excited to finally have a place to write about her culinary travels. Growing up in Los Angeles, she has been exposed to a plethora of food cultures and cuisines. When she’s not stuffing her face with interesting eats, Dasha enjoys singing, playing ping pong, and exploring the depths of the internet.

Kasey Potts

Kasey Potts

This East Coast girl has recently traded in her New England Clam Chowda for California Rolls! Kasey has been whipping up delectable dishes in her kitchen since she was 10 years old. Combining ingredients and trying new concoctions became her favorite hobby. Kasey is a fabulous food blogger representing her own blog, Kasey’s Kitchen. When she’s not in the kitchen, Kasey attends a ton of fun food events around town. She shares her foodie findings with us!