LA Foodie Approved: Pepper Mill, Fentiman’s

We’re not gonna throw our LA Foodie Approved brand on just anything. These are the products that we love. The best of the best. The gold medal winners. The cream of their respective crops.

And if you’re wondering, no — these aren’t sponsored. We just want to share our discoveries with you. If you feel like buying any of our LA Foodie Approved recommendations, you’ll be doing us a favor by clicking on the images below. This will take you to, where you can purchase the awesomeness. Plus, we get a little kickback for the sale, so it’s a nice, free way to support your pals over here at LA Foodie.

First up, the Oxo Good Grips Pepper Mill. It’s the best pepper mill that Drew has ever used. And that dude loves pepper.

Oxo Good Grips Pepper Mill

Next, Fentiman’s Cherry Tree Cola. Ben says that this cherry cola redefines the genre. There isn’t another chick-a cherry cola out there (that he has ever tried) that even compares. If you can, visit our pals over at Galco’s Soda Pop Stop to buy some. If you can’t get to Highland Park, click the image below to buy some on Amazon. Yum!

Fentiman's Cherry Tree Cola