Top 10 Best Foods at Disneyland

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in May of 2008. It has since become a very popular post. Here is the same article, updated with some notes and glorious, brand-new photos by various foodies around the web.

I recently found out that Disneyland annual pass-holders are referred to as “Passholes” by Disneyland cast members. I guess that makes me a grade-A Passhole. My wife and I visit the park frequently, so I’m often asked, “Why do you go so much?” and “Don’t you get sick of it?” The answers, in order, are “Because it is immaculately clean, everyone who works there is friendly and polite, and the food is awesome,” and “No.”

10) Gumbo Bread Bowl at The Royal Street Veranda

It is in New Orleans Square, right by the entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean. This quick service stall serves a few Cajun-y items, but the ever present banner attached to the wrought iron framework invites you to “Try Our Gumbo.”

So I did. And it was pretty dang good.

9) Smoked Turkey Legs

This county fair staple seems bigger and smokier at Disneyland. I know of two carts that sell them (there might be more). The first is located in the Central Plaza (the hub), and the second is between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.

8) Red Chile Enchilada Platter at Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante

It’s one of the newer restaurants in the park, and both the food and decor are above average. Most of the menu is pretty standard fast food Tex-Mex fare, but the Red Chile Enchiladas are filled with cheese and topped with a red chile sauce. Good stuff.

7) Monte Cristo Sandwich at Cafe Orleans or Blue Bayou

It’s the same sandwich at both places (they’re probably made in the same kitchen), but the Cafe Orleans version is served as part of a slightly smaller meal. There is a berry sauce on the side for dipping. If you opt for Blue Bayou, which is a lot of fun (but expensive), try the Iceberg wedge salad, and don’t forget the rolls. Here’s the thing about the sandwich: it’s almost too rich to eat. I mean, it’s a DEEP FRIED HAM SANDWICH for god’s sake. Just don’t plan to ride Star Tours directly afterward. I learned that one the hard way.

6) Pineapple Whip Float at the Tiki Juice Bar

As the group forms before the show outside the Enchanted Tiki Room, treat yourself to a float.

5) Cream Cheese Pretzel

They are sold all over the park. It’s my favorite. The pretzels are stuffed with a sweet cream cheese.

4) Croissant Sandwich at Tomorrowland Terrace Breakfast

Note: Tomorrowland Terrace now has a slightly different breakfast menu that no longer includes the croissant sandwich. Try the breakfast burrito or the sunrise breakfast (pictured below). The prices are reasonable, and the portions are large.

Breakfast at Tomorrowland Terrace is only available until 10:30 each morning, but it’s worth being an early riser. I was impressed all around with quality of the breakfast fare. The Croissant Sandwich is scrambled eggs with bacon, topped with cheese on a croissant. Served with breakfast potatoes and choice of a drink.

3) Corn Dog at the Corn Dog Truck (AKA The Little Red Wagon)

As you near the end of Main Street, look off to the right and you’ll see the truck. The corn dogs are gigantic. They are also the best I have ever had – not just at Disneyland but anywhere.

Enjoy this candid history of the Disneyland corn dog from Gary Magetti, GM of Food & Beverage at Disneyland.

2) Seafood Herb Crepe and Pommes Frites at Cafe Orleans

Most of Blue Bayou’s overflow traffic is politely guided to Cafe Orleans. That’s exactly how I found myself there for the first time. The price is more reasonable than its more crowded neighbor, and the food is just as good. The sidewalk/patio seating affords a great view of The Rivers of America and the rest of New Orleans Square. The crepes are terrific, and the fries (not included with entrees) are served with an aeoli and must not be missed.

1) Mozzarella Cheese Strips at The Stage Door Cafe

Note: This item is no longer on any menu at either park (as far as our intrepid LA Foodie research has been able to uncover). So sad, so sad. There is a rumor that you can still get them at the Stage Door Cafe in Frontierland if you make a special request. I will verify this information next time I’m there. In the meantime, just get a corn dog. They’re amazing.

UPDATE (5/30/2012): Confirmed today, Mozzarella Cheese Strips ARE STILL AVAILABLE at The Stage Door Cafe. You must specially request them, as they do not appear on the menu. When I asked why, the Cast Member told me that they keep them as a vegetarian alternative to the Fish & Chips, also on the menu.

I’m not kidding. They’re awesome. The Stage Door Cafe is right around the corner from (and in the same building as) The Golden Horseshoe Theater. The smaller walk-up bar is normally less crowded, especially around show times. You have a choice of dipping sauces, but get the marinara; none of the other sauces come close.