B1 Breadshop - Downtown Arts District

A Bakery jem in the heart of industrial downtown.

B1 Breadshop recently opened off of 7th street near the arts district. The store front has a pleasant and airy atmosphere with large bay windows and comfy tables. I had the pleasure of meeting James Walker, the managing partner, who gave me a tour of his shop. Behind the store front is a gigantic bakery, where (literally) tons of bread is made fresh everyday and shipped out to local bakeries and coffee houses. James stressed the importance of quality in his baking, and noted how cost takes a back seat to taste every time. I was able to sample a couple of items, and everything is delicious!


The apple turnover has a fluffy outer crust with a mild glaze on top and an apple compote in the center. The apple compote is mildly sweet, with just the right amount of tart, and has a smooth consistency. It is, by far, the best turnover I’ve ever had.


The Baguette la Francaise is the most common bread B1 produces, and boy is it great! The crispy outer crust and chewy bread is just as bread should be. There are lots of air pockets and a rich flavor that can only be found in bread made fresh that morning.


James Walker, Managing Partner of B1 Breadshop.

B1 also makes sandwiches, salads, and plenty of other pastries, which I look forward to trying in the near future. If everything is just a fraction as good as the samples I tried, B1 will certainly earn a spot on my regular bakery rotation.

By: Greg Kindra