LA’s Best Drive Thrus

The Search for LA’s Best Drive Thru is over! And our well-deserving winner is Tub’s Fine Chili in Culver City! The owners, Rick and Margie Hodges, commented on an earlier blog post of ours. They wanted us to pull up in the alley behind Tub’s and honk. Sure enough, when we arrived in the alley, out poured a chili party. Impromptu tailgate!

Find all 21 drive-thrus on the map below:

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Since this is our #WeekWithILX (aka Acura gives LA Foodie a new car for a week), we decided to make our whip look as distinctive as possible. I give you the LA Foodiemobile (after the jump). Click on the photo to see lots more pics from our journey on Flickr.

Our new Acura is now "The LA Foodiemobile!!" If you see us on the street, snap a pic and tag us! We are on our way to drive through the Donut Hole in La Puente right now! #weekwithilx

UPDATE (11/13/2012): It was a long, greasy road. But we’re finally finished. Every restaurant has it’s own review. Look below the list for an explanation of our totally scientific ratings system. Here is every place we drove through (the few that are still missing will be updated very soon!):

  1. Randy’s Donuts (Inglewood): 
  2. Sunny Grill (Mar Vista):
  3. Astro Burger (SM Blvd):
  4. The Donut Hole (La Puente):
  5. Chris’s Burgers (La Puente):
  6. Bob’s Burgers (La Puente):
  7. Broguiere’s Dairy (Montebello):
  8. The Hat (Temple City):
  9. Tops (Pasadena):
  10. Orean The Health Express (Pasadena):
  11. Pete’s Blue Chip (Eagle Rock):
  12. I Heart Teriyaki (El Segundo):
  13. In-N-Out Burger (LAX):
  14. Tub’s Fine Chili (Culver City):
  15. The Money Pit (San Marcos):
  16. Sno 2 Go (Mission Viejo):
  17. Tom’s Family Restaurant (North Hollywood):
  18. Tommy’s (Hollywood Blvd):
  19. Meshuga 4 Sushi (West Hollywood):
  20. Lickety Splitz (Bellflower):
  21. Bob’s Big Boy Broiler (Downey):

Here’s where you can read more about LA Foodie’s epic quest for LA’s best drive thrus:


We found that we needed to modify our categories for rating the different establishments a bit. As previously mentioned we’ll be rating all the places we eat at on a VERY high tech rating system that is not arbitrary at all. The categories that we’ll be using are:

  • Taste - self explanatory, no? 
  • Coolness Factor - how cool/fun is this place to go to? 
  • Handleability - how easy is it to eat in the car? 
  • Speed of Service - duh 
  • Digestibility - how easy does it sit in your stomach? 

These categories will be given a Burger Rating on a scale of 1–5 burgers. 

burger scale

We chose our winner (Tub’s!) based on these categories. And more specifically, the overall winner (Tub’s Fine Chili!) was determined by the most important of all factors, the omnipresent Is It Worth The Drive? Is any drive thru worth an hour in the car? Turns out, no. Our winner (Tub’s!), we say, is worth a 40 minutes drive.