The River Cottage Meat Book #FoodieGiftGuide

Day 10: The River Cottage Meat Book

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Warning: Don’t buy this book for a person who is squeamish about animal butchery. The River Cottage Meat Book is comprehensive. Seriously, this is probably the only butchery reference you’ll ever need. I have owned a copy for about five years. (It’s also a hell of a good read, by the way.) Highly recommended :)

Meat starts with animals, so that’s where this book starts too. You’ll learn in painstaking detail how and why some animals produce better meat than others. Then you’ll learn how to butcher the animal (if that’s your thing), learn how to select superior cuts, see step-by-step guides to common preparations, and choose from hundreds of related recipes.

The vivid photographs make The River Cottage Meat Book a weird and interesting coffee table book, especially for L.A. Don’t expect your vegan friends to take kindly to your choice of reading materials.


This is a perfect gift for the amateur chef who is dissatisfied with the meat at the supermarket.

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