MOE Deli. Noshing On Eggrolls

We’ve talked about MOE (Montreal Open Ended) Eggrolls on the LA Foodie Podcast before. They’re so good, they’re worth mentioning again. Yep, it’s a food truck. So track them around the city via their website or Twitter.

Before you scoff at the $10 price tag (which is a bit jarring), know that these monsters are BIG. We got 2 eggrolls, and it was plenty of food for 3 people — we had leftovers.

When we visited, we got the Big MOE (pictured at the top right) and the seasonal Holiday (bottom right). Both are highly recommended.

There’s more to the menu than just eggrolls, but I’m not sure why you would bother with anything else. Since the eggrolls are fried open ended (they don’t crimp them shut before putting them in the fryer), the edges get crispy and dark brown. Mmmm…


From their website: “Combine equal parts seasonal and local ingredients, wrap in a fine eggroll skin and lightly fry to crispy crunchy deliciousness and you have a M.O.Eggroll.