Best Fish Taco in Ensenada - Los Feliz

A few blocks east of Vermont Avenue in Los Feliz you can find truly the best fish tacos around! They’ve appropriately named their establishment. Best Fish Taco in Ensenada has some of the best fish tacos I have eaten in Los Angeles.


When you walk in, you’ll be greeted with bright colors and murals on every wall. You’re immediately put at ease. It’s a neighborhood joint that you just can’t help but come back to.

Walk up to the register and you’ll see their menu on a small chalkboard hanging from the ceiling. Their menu consists of Fish Taco, Shrimp Taco and a Drink. It’s that easy. Not too many choices to make. Sometimes they’ll have a Fried Potato Taco, but I have yet to try it. Honestly, I’m sure it would be phenomenal!

After ordering at the register, you have a short wait before you’re given your tacos. There is a long counter full of unique homemade salsas and toppings. Take a table inside or venture out to the shaded patio. It’s a great place to relax.


They make everything fresh. I ordered three fish tacos and added various sauces to each. I like to keep it simple so I don’t pile on the toppings. The shell is the perfect kind of crisp: not rock hard or just a little too soft. The fish itself is fully battered and then tossed into their deep fryer. They leave it in just long enough to really bring the flavors out, but it’s never close to burnt.   

A big part of why I like this place is it’s simple and delicious. When you’re being indecisive about a meal, this is a great place to go. You know you’ll get good food every time and won’t be overwhelmed with a huge menu. Sometimes less is more. Plus, they have this frickin’ awesome truck parked outside.


Best Fish Taco in Ensenada is a great place for getting a quick meal or sitting on the patio and hanging out with the locals.

By Jen Troy
Jen Troy is a Jill-Of-All-Trades.