Cafe Dulce - A unique donut shop in Little Tokyo

Every Los Angeles resident immediately recognizes the ubiquitous square pink donut box, and for many of us, it puts a smile on our faces like few other things can. However, as amazing as LA’s donut shops are, they’re all similar in their offerings. Well, today I walked into Cafe Dulce, and came face to face with several varieties of donut I have never had before.



This is the Green Tea Donut, and while it looks similar to most custard-filled donuts, it distinguishes itself with a dark tan color and a coating of granulated sugar on top. The first bite reveals a much denser dough, almost chewy, as well as a slight green hue and the mildest of green tea flavor. The semi-sweet vanilla custard is thick and extraordinarily smooth. Each bite has a green tea latte undertone that transcends that of an ordinary donut. This, my friends, is an excellent dessert.


This fruity pebble ‘donut hole’ is large and would have to have been cut out of a foot-wide donut to fit properly. Nonetheless, it has a fluffy dough with thick frosting and fruity pebbles on top. The frosting has a creamy milk-like taste with just a touch of sweetness. The dough’s airiness goes well with the thick frosting, and the crunch of the fruity pebbles rounds out the consistency quite nicely. The dough has a hint of fried flavor, but overall this donut tastes a lot like eating a bowl of fruity pebbles, which is perfectly okay by me.

Cafe Dulce
134 Japanese Village Plaza Mall
Los Angeles, CA 90012 

By Greg Kindra

Greg moved to LA for the beautiful weather, but stayed for the dessert.