Podcast 035 - Greg Kindra, Vanilla Bake Shop, Stout Burgers & Beers, ConfeXion Gelato, Sour Beer

The food dudes welcome their friend, dessert guru Greg Kindra to the podcast! The guys dive right in to some cupcakes from Vanilla Bake Shop and chat about vegan and gluten free cupcake options in the City of Angels.

The gents weigh in on Stout Burgers & Beer before Brian brings a punch-in-the-kisser of a brew. The show is topped off with a mighty fine gelato from Confexion for everybody’s favorite game: What Did We Put In Your Mouth?

Is Stout one of L.A.’s top 20 burgers? Why has Greg become a vegetarian? Where is the best vegan cupcake in town? Listen in and find out!


Cupcakes from Vanilla Bake Shop.

Greg Kindra is L.A. Foodie’s resident dessert expert and a regular contributing author to our blog. He runs all around town, tests out the best sweets to eat, and writes it all down for you, dear reader, on the interwebs at Greg’s Endless Dessert.

Enjoy the show, and share with your friends!


Drew is thinking hard about why Greg and Ben are so frowny. There’s no answer. It may be because they’re stuck in a jungle. And there are no monkeys.