The Brite Spot and their vast pie offerings — Echo Park

There is nothing more American than pie. And seeing as we are celebrating our independence, what better time than now to check out the The Brite Spot’s vast pie selection. The Brite Spot, located in Echo Park, is a classic American Diner with red vinyl booths, formica countertops, and chalk-written daily specials. I couldn’t decide on just one pie, so I got a slice of the Apple Pie, Key Lime Pie, and Whiskey Buttermilk Pie.


The above slice of apple pie isn’t classic American style, but instead the Dutch variety. It’s okay, I don’t judge the bakers as unpatriotic. Dutch apple pie is inherently a little sweeter, what with the cinnamon sugar crumbles on top, but the Granny Smith apples have a nice crunch and subtle tartness that goes well with the mild clove spiciness. This isn’t the best piece of apple pie I’ve had, but it certainly is enjoyable.


This key lime pie is different than any I’ve had before. The key lime part is only a thin layer on the bottom, while most of the pie’s volume is a fluffy but barely sweet homemade whipped cream. Then, on top, there are thick white chocolate shavings; it’s pretty intense. The key lime part of the pie is tart, with the slightest of graininess, sweet, and right-on-the-money flavor-wise. The abundance of chilled whipped cream is the perfect companion, and the overall pie is a refreshing treat in the recent heat.


This is a little embarrassing to admit, but I’ve never had a buttermilk pie before, and picked this piece out of sheer curiosity. Welp, that was a great call, because this is the best piece of the trio! The chilled and gooey custard-like filling has a subtle bourbon flavor and spicy clove finish. The classic chewy butter crust does a great job of offsetting the filling’s consistency and sweetness. I can’t express how scrumptious the flavor of this pie is. With each bite I notice another element of its complex profile and delicious, elongated aftertaste. 

This week we Americans celebrate two hundred and thirty-seven years of independence, and I strongly suggest everyone take a few minutes to sit and eat some pie, because, really, what’s more patriotic than that? And if you’re going to be eating pie, the Brite Spot has some pretty delightful options. 

By Greg Kindra

Greg moved to LA for the beautiful weather, but stayed for the dessert.