#LAFoodiePodcast: Kronuts, Amazon Fresh, & Comedian Paul Cibis

THE CRONUT HAS ARRIVED. Well, sort of. On this week’s #LAFoodiePodcast the food dudes check out 3 Square Cafe + Bakery’s new knockoff of NYC’s confectionery fad, the Kronut. Comedian Paul Cibis plays a particularly spirited game of “What Did We Put In Your Mouth?” and the guys lay a little bit o’ smackdown on AmazonFresh and Vita Coco water.

Is the Kronut the living embodiment of God? Will we all be bowing before its glory? Perhaps more importantly—How many HJs is a Cronut really worth? Find out these answers and more in this week’s thrilling episode!


CHIRP! CHIRP! What the hell are those weird chirping noises at 27:28 and 27:47? Well, I’ll tell ya. There’s a cool iPhone app called Chirp.

Chirp logo

Open the app and let it listen to the chirps. The Chirp app will show you the photos that we’re talking about in the podcast. Neat, huh?

If you want to skip to any part of the show, here’s how it all went down:

  • 0:33 Meet our guest, comedian Paul Cibis
  • 1:14 meet the Cronut (not a comedian)
  • 3:15 Harlem Shake Kronut breakdown #getfunky
  • 4:51 Kronut tasting and review
  • 10:10 Brian brings the N.Y. point of view (POV)
  • 12:10 L.A. vs New York, Cronut analysis (CA)
  • 17:44 YouTube Cronut videos

This is the video that Ben is talking about when he mentions New York’s tendency to one-up everything.

  • 22:02 WDWPIYM? Gin taste test. Bombay Sapphire gin versus Martin Miller gin.
  • 25:56 Miller’s Gin description
  • 27:28 CHIRP link to a funny photo
  • 27:47 CHIRP link to another photo
  • 30:00 Parade of Products! We taste some stuff and make fun of it a little.
  • 31:00 Paul Cibis’s restaurant recommendations include the Pot Roast and Butterscotch Pudding from Jar on Beverly Blvd. and the Combo Plate at Cafe Istanbul on Beverly Drive.
  • 34:35 Neuro Bliss & Neuro Daily tasting
  • 37:35 Vita Coco coconut water tasting
  • 39:41 Vita Coco coconut water cocktails
  • 41:10 The L.A. Foodie review of AmazonFresh grocery delivery

Here is a photo of the burger from Steingarten LA that we talk about on the show. I made it for myself after the podcast, and it turned out pretty good. Not $15 good. But pretty good.


Enjoy responsibly.