Cookie Casa Bakery - West Hollywood

With a name like Cookie Casa, this bakery is just begging people to come in and try a cookie. Luckily Cookie Casa also has a friendly-looking exterior, patio tables and chairs, a bubbly logo, and a ton of dessert options. Since I have the will power of a Labrador surrounded by squirrels, I ordered a lot more than just a cookie. 

Red Velvet Cupcake...with a finger on top?

What’s this now? A red velvet cupcake with a finger on it? Yes, I will take your Halloween-themed cupcake, thank you very much. We are all familiar with Red Velvet Cupcakes, so I won’t bore you, but this one is good. The cake is moist and rich, the cream cheese frosting is dense, sweet, and subtly vanilla-flavored. The finger on top is actually a gummy, which has an enjoyable raspberry flavor. 

Cookie Casa Bakery

Next up is the Molasses Ginger Cookie Sandwich. This large (almost 5” in diameter) dark tan cookie has sprinkles of granulated sugar on top. It’s soft and chewy with a strong molasses flavor and a smooth ginger finish. The buttercream middle is incredibly smooth, rich, and sweet with a strong vanilla flavor. The sweetness of the cream plus the large size of this cookie equals a treat that is best shared with others. 


The seasonal Pumpkin Bar has a dutch-apple-pie-like crumble on top, and below is a dense pumpkin pie filling with a strong pumpkin flavor. The ‘crust’ is a chewy layer of oats and honey that is neither crunchy nor crumbly and yet really ties this whole bar together. The one flaw of this bar comes from it’s pumpkin flavor. Pumpkin, while unique, is forceful, so by the end of this bar it’s overwhelming. This of course can be remedied, like the above cookie, by sharing. 


Moving right along, next is the Lemon Sandwich Cookie, and as a huge fan of all things lemon, I was looking forward to this one. The cookie has a mild crunch, yet is still chewy. It has a mild lemon flavor, but the sweet creamy frosting is where the lemon really bursts out at you. Unfortunately, the frosting is a bit too sweet, but only professionals like myself will notice, so if you’re a fan of lemon, check this cookie out.

All in all, Cookie Casa Bakery did not disappoint. No surprise here, since it’s in their name, the cookies are the best items. However, the Red Velvet and Pumpkin Bar are no slouches either. If you’re looking for a good bakery over in the WeHo area, check them out. 

By Greg Kindra
Greg grew up with a Labrador retreiver that chased every single squirrel she  saw, and upon further thought Greg realizes that information is probably needed for his earlier metaphor.  

Cookie Casa Bakery 
8116 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles CA, 90048 

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