Simple Things in WeHo does pie right! — West Hollywood

Simple Things in West Hollywood has a pretty, well, simple strategy: Make really tasty, from scratch, sandwiches and pies. And who among us doesn’t love sandwiches and pies? No one, that’s who, and luckily I was able to try a couple of their limited-time special items.

Simple Things Pie

Both pies above are special pumpkin flavored. On top we’ve got the Chipotle Pumpkin, which is a dense pumpkin pie with a crumbly cookie crust and homemade whipped cream on top. The pumpkin filling has a mild hint of chipotle, that spices up the standard pumpkin flavor nicely. However, the real winner of this pie is the fresh whipped cream, which is dense and flavorful without being too sweet. The lower pie is their Pumpkin Streusel. The pumpkin filling has good flavor without being too powerful, as pumpkin is want to do.  The cinnamon and sugar top is crumbly, flavorful, and combines with the pumpkin wonderfully! This is, far and away, the best pumpkin dessert I’ve had in a really long time.

Simple Things Pulled Chix Sandwich

Of course, I couldn’t just eat pie, so I also sampled their Pulled Chicken Sandwich. The chicken is in a tangy and mildly sweet BBQ sauce that is just fantastic. The arugula and pickled onions add a nice crunch and everything goes together on the, lighter that you would think, pretzel roll. This is one of their most popular sandwiches, and I understand why. It has a lot of flavors that blend well together and create a unique and, surprisingly, light sandwich.

Simple Things Blueberry Pie

Lastly is the Blueberry Pie, and it does not disappoint! The crust is light and flakey, while the deep purple filling is tasty, sweet, and richly flavored. The ‘Dutch’ topping is crumbly and coats the blueberry filling just enough to give a nice consistency bonus to each bite. On top of being good all by itself, a scoop of vanilla ice cream makes this pie even better!

Check out Simple Things next time you want a sandwich and some pie, and especially make sure you check out their seasonal pies before they’re gone!

8310 West 3rd St. Los Angeles 90048
(323) 592-3390

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By Greg Kindra

Greg moved to Los Angeles for the good weather, but he stayed for the dessert.