Your guests are almost here for the dinner party, but the big-ass salad isn’t done yet! There’s no time to lose, and you don’t remember where your salad bowl is because you don’t remember the last time you made a salad! Never fear! With your trusty L.A. Foodie t-shirt you can call it ‘problem solved!’ $15. Free Shipping.

#IBurgerLA Beer Cooler

It’s party time! But where all the action is taking place is waaaaayyyy too far away from the  fridge packed with beer. Oh, but don’t you worry! You see, your I Burger L.A. t-shirt not only looks totally pimp, but also serves as a super-portable beer cooler. Now everyone wants to be near you because you’re their party hero. Who’s the life of the party? You’s the life of the party! $15. Free Shipping. Get it.

#IBurgerLA Bottle Opener

Game time. Couch. Cooler o’ cold ones at your feet. Snacky time all around you. Friends abound.

This. Is. Awesome.

You’re locked in and not moving ‘til this thing’s over. You reach for a new brew when panic strikes. These are not twist offs. There is no bottle opener in site. WRONG. You just so happen to be wearing your L.A. Foodie t-shirt, the Swiss army knife of apparel. So scoff at that bottle cap as it hits the ground and sink into your spot on the couch a little bit deeper. Let’s hope this game rolls into overtime.

#IBurgerLA Grocery Basket

Oh, man! Don’t you just hate it when you go to Trader Joe’s/Ralphs/Vons/your supermarket of choice and they run out of shopping carts and carrying baskets? It happens ALL THE TIME, and you just have to turn around an leave, right? NEVER AGAIN. Your new L.A. Foodie t-shirt to the rescue! Easily transport all of your goods with this handy tee. $15. Free Shipping.

#IBurgerLA Popcorn Bucket

You want to see that new flick that’s all the rage right? Well so does everyone else, and the snack bar just ran out of popcorn buckets. MUTINY!!! But wait, what’s that? BOO YAH! Not a problem, Slim. Your handy L.A. Foodie t-shirt saves the day once more, holding aaaallll the popcorn your little heart desires. And there was rejoicing. And much enjoyment of the film. FIN.

 $15. Free Shipping.

#IBurgerLA Milk Mustache Remover

Milk is so delicious, but it always seems to leave a not-so-desirable remnant behind. Well fret no more, fellow milk drinker. It’s the L.A. Foodie t-shirt to the rescue! Our Swiss Army Knife of t-shirts will wipe that ‘stache away in an instant so that you can continue to enjoy milk without the embarrassment of having a white upper lip. Food happens. Be prepared. $15. Free Shipping!

#IBurgerLA French Fry Degreaser

French fries need to be eaten immediately. THERE’S NO TIME TO GRAB NAPKINS, LEST YOUR FRIES BECOME A HORRID, COLD, SOGGY ABOMINATION, MAN! So stuff your face without worrying about the greasy consequences. Unless of course you don’t already have an L.A. Foodie t-shirt. In which case you need to click above. Immediately. $15. Free Shipping.

#IBurgerLA Hairnet

Your hair is awesome. But you know what’s not awesome? Eating it. And you’re such a ravenous eater that you’ve been known to throw a few follicles back in the heat of the moment. No judgement. It’s a common problem. Well you’ll never have to worry about that again with your new L.A. Foodie t-shirt. $15. Free Shipping.

#IBurgerLA Chili Sweat Absorber

Sshhhooooooooo-eeeeee!!! It sure is gettin’ all hot up in here from eatin’ all these chili peppers! Good thing you’ve got your I Burger LA t-shirt to absorb the sweatiness that results from a rambunctious chili eating session! Oh wait, you don’t have one yet? Then you’d better order yours now! $15! FREE SHIPPING!

The new L.A. Foodie t-shirts are here!

#IBurgerLA Oven Mitt

Baking cookies is hot stuff! Your delicious delicacies are going to come out of the oven nice and toasty, so you’d better be protected. Get your ‘oven mitt’ now for only $15! Free shipping!

(photography by Essential Style for Men)