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Just What the Heck is L.A. Foodie, Anyway?

Are you new to L.A. Foodie? Great! We’re so glad that you’re here. We hope that you’re hungry. If you want to browse around the website, our archive page is the best place to start. Otherwise, here’s how to get the most out of L.A. Foodie. Click on any of the icons below for full descriptions of everywhere that you can find us.


LA Foodie PodcastLA Foodie Podcast: Listen to all of the LA Foodie Podcasts, right here, for free. Drew Hubbard and Ben Waters host a new podcast every few weeks (or so). The Food Dudes quiz their guests with the “What Did We Put In Your Mouth?” game, review new and kick-ass L.A. restaurants, and sometimes read Yelp reviews in silly voices (Yelp/CounterYelp). The #LAFoodiePodcast is perfect for new arrivals to LA and anyone who likes to be a tourist in their own city.


LA Foodie on TwitterTwitter: L.A. Foodie is fortunate to be part of a very large community on Twitter. Come interact with all of the other awesome food lovers. We encourage you to @reply us any time with questions, requests for recommendations, or just to share a funny story or pic. Twitter is best for on-the-go (mobile) eaters.

LA Foodie on TwylahTwylah: This is our recommended way to browse LA Foodie’s tweets! Twylah automatically organizes all of LA Foodie’s trending tweets into a great looking website with lots of videos and photos. Since LA Foodie largest audience is on Twitter, this is a useful place to spend some time. And it looks great!


LA Foodie on FacebookFacebook: It’s Facebook. You know the deal. Lots of content, photos, videos, giveaways, etc.


LA Foodie on FlickrInstagram:When L.A. Foodie is out and about, we post to Instagram. In fact, we post all the damn time. Tons of photos and tons of videos. Tip: Switch to “Map View” on Instagram to see a photo history of where we’ve been in L.A.


LA Foodie on YouTubeYouTube: We make videos that are sometimes funny and sometimes useful. When we’re lucky, they’re both. Watch the L.A. Foodie video trailer ( to get a better idea of just what the heck it is that we do around here. Subscribe to the channel for updates!


LA Foodie on FlickrFlickr: This is where all of the best L.A. Foodie food porn lives. Find tons and tons of photos of every restaurant that we’ve ever visited. Here on Flickr, you’re gonna find oodles of photos that you won’t see anywhere else. Is there nudity? I can think of at least 4 photos of hamburgers that aren’t fully-dressed. Aroused?